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About Reversion
Reversion is a new concept in acne control that is effective for all levels of acne breakouts and blemishes. Reversion is the best facial dermatology available.

The Reversion Acne Control System uses the most scientifically advanced formula available today for acne control of all levels. Reversion is a 2 step system that not only prevents acne and controls breakouts, it also helps repair and maintain your skin's elasticity! Reversion is simply the best acne treatment around.

Our Antimicrobial Wash has been shown in tests to eliminate 99.99% of SKIN SURFACE BACTERIA while our Reversion Acne Medication loosens the dirt that clogs your pores and helps the follicles to reopen.


Accutane Results and Facial Dermatology

Reversion has a 90 day unconditional guarantee on all products.

Why Reversion?
The beauty of the Reversion Acne Control System is that it is a system easily incorporated into one's daily routine. The Reversion Acne Medication is joined by daily cleansing with the Reversion Antimicrobial Wash. The system is extremely effective in loosening oily deposits and cleansing them from the skin, as well as helping to control the skin surface bacteria count. This is essential in preventing new acne break-outs.

Due to the severity of their acne, some patients believe it necessary to use some or all of these above noted prescription drugs under the supervision of a physician in order to gain control of their acne. Although there are times when such drastic measures are merited, the majority of people with acne will benefit greatly from using the Reversion Acne Control System alone.
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